Wellbore Cleaning

Wellbore debris is recurring problems for the life of every well. This debris could more or less influence part of or the whole downhole operation and even destroy a well. Though debris comes in many shapes and sizes from drilling fluid residue to milling waste to perforation fragments an insufficiently cleaned wellbore can damage completion equipment, cause production losses, and damage the formation

E. A Jogax provides latest wellbore cleaning tools which enhance operational efficiency by reducing risk and non-productive time throughout the whole construction process. Our Wellbore clean-up mechanical tools and chemicals remove debris that interferes with normal operations without damaging the well structure. We offer reliable, engineered, and field-proven solutions for effective wellbore clean-up and debris management to ensure successful completion operations and to maximise reservoir returns.

Our complete set of mechanical tools for wellbore cleaning include products for casing cleaning displacement, riser cleaning, a blowout preventer (BOP), and debris management.

Our Products

  • Casing scrappers
  • Clean out brush
  • Magnet tools
  • Jet Tools
  • Filter Tool
  • Circulating Tool
  • Flow Check Sub

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