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We are committed to attracting and developing a diverse workforce of professionals that share the common value of collaboration.

Brine Filtration Services

EA JOGAX has a complete Brine Filtration p...

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Tubular Services

EA JOGAX is an Indigenous Nigerian company...

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Pressure Pumping Services

At E.A JOGAX, we utilize specialized equip...

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Mud Tanks Fabrication and Rental

E.A Jogax provides mud tanks (for chemical...

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Procurement and Rental Services

We provide a wide variety of quality tools...

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Pipeline Services

Our excellent service delivery comes with ...

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Oilfield Drilling Chemicals and Mud

To reduce refining cost and protect materi...

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Logistics Services

We provide world class logistics services ...

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Manpower Procurement

In E.A Jogax our recruiting staff have ext...

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Hammer Services

Our hammer services offer very efficient, ...

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Equipment Leasing

We provide responsive, competitive lease s...

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Wellbore Cleaning

Wellbore debris is recurring problems for ...

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Partnership Services

At E.A Jogax, we believe in effective team...

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